My work is organized and structured around the precepts of a grid. In their ideal form, grids are an arrangement of unified structures of perfect and equal dimension coming together to create a system of strength and order. Point by point, they have no flaws, they fulfill expectations of reliability, and they are the embodiment of stability. 

The way in which I create, with intention and understanding of my material and its process, allows me to use the idea of a grid to take a shape that creates a sense of conflict, of dependency, and of vulnerability inherent to our human condition and the connections we share in it.

When the viewer encounters my work, I want them to be confronted by tension. It is formed between the preconceived ideas of structure, organization, and stability and the vulnerability expressed through my touch and the precarious presence of the work that often deviates from those ideas. For me the structure of a perfect grid would be utterly disappointing, lacking the strength-in-conviction found in the imperfection of humanity. It is tension that keeps it all together.



Kait is from Boise, Idaho, and is a ceramic artist based in Kansas City, Missouri. She received her BFA degree from Utah State University in 2010 and completed her MFA degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia in the spring of 2016.

Kait has shown her work in a variety of national and international galleries. Her work has most recently been shown in a solo-show at Tainan National University for the Arts in Tainan, Taiwan; a Solo Exhibition, Chapman Gallery, Kansas State University, Manhattan KS, a two-person show at Bredin-Lee Gallery, KC MO, and has an exhibition planned for February 2018 at Sager-Braudis Gallery in Columbia MO.

She most recently finished an artist in residency at Private Studio Jingdezhen in Jingdezhen, China where she taught a summer workshop and is currently the Visiting Assistant Professor in Ceramics at K-state.